Need fundraising tips and tricks? Not sure the best way to utilize social media to fundraise? Look no further. View the “Fundraising 101” packet to get all the fundraising tips and tricks you’ll need to help make a greater impact for the kids!

Social Media Bingo Board Templates

Click this link to find an abundance of fun bingo board templates to use to collect donations via social media stories or posts! From Greek Life to Holiday Theme- there’s one for everyone! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aoh3f7hhc14o7of/AABbQ7GEOQuV_wTPQF_ye9lea?dl=0


  1. Letter Writing – Send out letters to family and friends asking for donations
  2. Change Jar – place a jar in your house, at work, etc. and collect left over change
  3. Dare to Donate on Social Media – have people dare you to do challenges for donations (Keep them safe!)
  4. Canning – attend local events, concerts, festivals, etc. and collect spare change
  5. Chores for Change – ask neighbors, family members, etc. if you can help out around the house
  6. Yard Sale – Sell any old items laying around your house
  7. Candy Bars – Who doesn’t love candy sales?
  8. Trick-or-Treat – Go trick-or-treating FOR THE KIDS at Halloween and ask for spare change instead of candy
  9. Bottle of Dimes – Fill up a 2 liter bottle with dimes and you should get around $500
  10. Refreshing treat – Sell snow cones or popsicles for a donation
  11. Social Media – Post your Donor Drive link on social media bio
  12. Birthday Party – Instead of gifts, ask for donations FOR THE KIDS
  13. Face Painting – Set up a booth at a park or in conjunction with another event
  14. Instagram Story Templates – Post a donation template on your story
  15. Lemonade Stand – Sell lemonade for donations
  16. Car Wash – Host a car wash at a local restaurant or in your neighborhood
  17. Sports challenge – Take advantage of the summer weather and organize an outdoor tournament with a suggested donation for entry
  18. Babysit – Ask family and friends to watch their kids while they enjoy a night out
  19. Shave your head or cut your hair for a donation
  20. Ask professors for a donation
  21. Ask one person everyday for one month for $1
  22. Kissing Booth – Have a kissing booth with a dog and charge $1 to take a photo
  23. Gift-Wrapping – Help friends and family wrap gifts around the holidays for a donation FTK
  24. Balloon Raffle – Place tickets inside the balloons and sell them to children and adults for a dollar each. Whoever has the winning ticket gets a small prize at the end of the raffle
  25. Bake Sale – Have a bake sale on campus
  26. Pictures with Santa, Easter Bunny, etc.
  27. Used Book Sale – Sell any old books you have laying around the house
  28. 50/50 Raffle – Go to a local event and sell 50/50
  29. Dodgeball Tournament – Participants have a fee to enter the tournament
  30. Pie in the face for every $10 raised
  31. Penny Wars – Teams compete by decorating and filling jars with pennies with the object of collecting the most pennies. Competitors can throw other coins (and bills) in competing jars to throw off the penny total. The team with the highest penny total wins
  32. Scavenger Hunt – Each team gets pledges to participate. The team that finds all of the clues first wins the grand prize.
  33. Treasure Chest – Fill a chest with donated prizes and sell keys to open the chest
  34. Dart Board Challenge – Test contestants’ aim as they pay to try to hit a bull’s-eye for a donated prize.
  35. Jail and Bail – Choose a location to serve as your jail. The “arrested” must call friends to raise funds to be set free. They must raise a certain amount of money to “post bail.”
  36. Pancake Breakfast – Host a public breakfast, charging a set fee for the meal.
  37. Silly String Shootout – Auction off or sell cans of silly string and take aim at volunteers who are good sports like a manager, a teacher or a principal.
  38. Magic Show – Charge for tickets for a special show.
  39. Kisses for Kids – Sell candy kisses with a note reminding the recipient that the proceeds benefit the amazing kids at Akron Children’s Hospital
  40. T-shirt Sale – Sell t-shirts with an original design and donate all or a portion of the proceeds
  41. Root Beer Floats – Sell root beer floats for $2
  42. Cards for Kids – Design and sell one-of-a-kind greeting cards
  43. Duck Tape someone to a wall
  44. Popcorn sale
  45. Yankee Candle Sale
  46. Straw Draw- Make straws of all different sizes, participants pay to pick one and then get a prize
  47. Organize a cook-off with a small prize where your friends and family pay to enter (you can use mac & cheese, chili, chicken wings or any of your other favorite foods)
  48. Yard work — offer to mow the lawn or rake leaves for a small donation
  49. Corn Hole Tournament with a suggested donation as an entry fee
  50. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway during the wintertime FOR THE KIDS